Phumelela film and TV catering is a duly registered corporation with the c.i.c.p under the company registration act

we offer a vast pot folio of services that takes care of our clients primary needs which is to entice your taste buds,we use the finest,freshest local and exotic ingredients combined and mixed with a dazzle and flare of flavours that are created and infused with a touch of both passion and love.

film and tv catering Johannesburg

With a vast of experience amassed through the years working under other organizations we aim to please our customer base from film commercials to corporate events to any other event that requires food.

We can provide a bespoke service to perfectly suit your location times, dates and food requirements.  The staff who manage our entertainment and location catering are discreet, professional and friendly and our aim is to build long term mutually beneficial relationship with the production companies we work with.

We understand the demands of Film and TV production, wasted time costs money, so we ensure that we work with you and your schedules to maximise the working hours whilst providing the cast and crew with the healthiest and most imaginative food possible.

For further information, please make an enquiry by contacting our Events Team on 0739724455 or 0837252392.